Sugar Mountain Bike Park

Biking fans rejoice! Sugar Mountain has got even better with its biking paths and opportunities for exploration. The latest Sugar Mountain Bike Park is the next big step in welcoming all bicyclists, mountain bikers and speed bikers, to the wonderful and wild world of Sugar Mountain.

The Sugar Mountain Bike Park includes downward dips, advanced runs, and paths for beginners all throughout the region. It is one of the top summer attractions, and a must-see if you have any interest in soaring through the mountains by bike.

You can even find vacation rentals in Sugar Mountain within a very short drive or a nice bike ride from the new bike park. Simply ask us about our properties closest to the site.

Newest Bike Park

In short, this newest bike park is a place where bike enthusiasts, beginners and experts alike, can find different mountain lines and traverse the mountains in a safe and secure environment.

The bike park has recently seen major updates and changes, expanding its trail system considerably for beginners and incorporating new fun events for visitors.


The park is specifically located at the Sugar Mountain Resort. You can use the full address at 1009 Sugar Mountain Drive, Sugar Mountain North Carolina 28604 to find it with your GPS.


There are trails for beginners as well as downward experts.

The different trails are rated by difficulty. You want to be sure you are transparent about your skill and comfort level when you get set up with staff. In total, the trails include wide open berms, rock gardens, drops, tabletops, and rollers for some added momentum.

Experts may want to tackle a professional-level line used in the past by NORBA downhill racers.


The reopening occurred in 2018, so staff is still determined to expand its current list of events for the season. There’s expected to be a big buzz of activity for the Fourth of July weekend. The park is expected to host NORBA downhill racing events, beginner’s days, and some professional racing events throughout  the summer. The latest “National Expert Downhill Trail,” with its 1,200 feet of vertical and large jumps, is expected to attract some event attention in 2019 and 2020.

How To Get There

The site is located within a 5-minute drive of the Sugar Mountain Resort. Most guests will take a lift to get to the park. As of 2019, a lift ticket is required for access to the trail system. Tickets can be purchased inside the base lodge.

About Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is accessible to beginners, but it requires a lot of balance and some serious mental control. In some of the deepest vertical lines, riders navigate precarious natural obstacles.

Developers craft specific lines which include tabletops, rock spreads, drops, and more. These lines attract the attention of professionals. But you don’t need to be a pure-hearted daredevil to have an interest in biking. Beginner trails are far subtler, and give entry-level bikers a chance to test their endurance and courage while they rip down the trail at their own speed.

Hours and Schedule

In general, you want to call ahead to reserve your times on the lines. The park is typically open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily, with weekend hours from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The park season runs from June 30th to September 21st. These dates may vary. Call the office for specifics.


Guests either choose to ride a single line or request access for a full day. A single ride is $15. Adults can join a full day for $40 and juniors are priced at $30 for a full day.

What To Do After

Hungry? We definitely recommend stopping in the lounge after you leave for the afternoon. The resort has a nice café, but you can also take a short drive over to Bella’s for some casual Italian or the Painted Fish Café for some seafood in a funky atmosphere.

Where to Stay

We have Sugar Mountain vacation rentals for all family sizes for all vacation durations. If you are a snow sports fan, you have to stay slopeside for the winter season.

And it won’t be hard to find a property with a glorious view of the mountains. We embrace the alluring wonder of the North Carolina mountains.

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