Cut Your Own Christmas Tree Near Sugar Mountain

Sure, you could buy a Christmas tree at the local market, paying premium prices and working your way around the crowds. You could even skip the real tree, opting for something plastic, clean, and tidy.

But who wants that when you can go on a real adventure for your family Christmas tree this holiday season? This is part of the thrill of the cut your own Christmas tree farms near Sugar Mountain. There are only four steps. Explore the farm. Find a tree. Cut it down. Take it home.

It’s a special family tradition, perfect to start your Thanksgiving holiday or as a fun activity for the weekend. Below is your guide to holiday tree-seeking on your very own. It is one of the most interesting family-friendly things to do near Boone, NC.

How it Works

The process is rather simple. Visitors can come by during opening hours to find a tree and haul it home. Though the details vary with each location, the basic process is the same.

Visitors will check in at the front office or main area to inform the host that they are there. The host can then guide visitors through the farm, directing them to some strong picks and what they should be looking for, such as height, girth, volume of needles, dark green coloration, too mature or not mature enough, and more.

Visitors select a tree they like, the host marks it, and they begin the process of cutting it and hauling it back. Payment is usually made at the front office, especially if the farmer wants to weigh it (which is unlikely, it is usually a base rate cost).

Visitors may need to bring their own tying and hauling equipment as needed to handle the tree. Also, while some locations may offer assistance in cutting and picking up, others may offer no assistance at all. Expect to be in it for the adventure, making this an enthralling family trip for all.

Best Local Christmas Tree Farms

There are quite a few cut your own tree farms within a reasonable driving distance of our Sugar Mountain vacation rentals. The one closest to Boone, NC is undoubtedly C and J Christmas Trees. It is a 5-minute drive north from downtown Boone, NC.

You will want to turn left onto highway 194 at the New Market Shopping Plaza. About 1.3 miles up, you will turn right and head up the mountain. Follow the signage to the farm. The official address is 1544 NC Hwy 194 N, Boone, NC 28607.

The location has a gift shop, a large meeting facility, and wreaths. The farm heads review the trees monthly for quality growth and health.

Alternatively, you can take a longer trek to Sugar Plum Farm in Newland, NC. It is a 50-minute drive southwest of Boone, NC along route 105. It is 12 miles north of Spruce Pine as well as 12 miles south of Elk Park. The address is Sugar Plum Farm, 1263 Isaacs Branch Rd, Newland, NC 28657.

Preparing Your Car for the Haul

You are expected to handle the haul yourself, but do not be alarmed. This is part of the fun. You want to create a large flat space for the tree in the back or on the roof. You will want to bring a tarp, plastic sheet, or large blanket with either method. If you use the roof, you really should have a roof rack. Without one, it is extremely unwise to try to secure the tree to the roof.

Remember to bring rope or cord that can clear around the roof rack as well as the thick tree. This keeps the tree in place, and should be wrapped multiple times over in different locations. Utilize meshing, provided at the farm, to compress the tree for the ride.

Consider calling the tree farm ahead of time for further hauling details.

Some presents don’t fit under the tree! Consider giving your family the gift of a mountain vacation this Christmas season.

Near any of our Sugar Mountain rentals you can find magical holiday tree farms that create a space for you to come on by, grab a tree, and carry it back for the holiday festivities. Decorate it in glowing bulbs and fun decorations and celebrate the holiday season, knowing the adventure you went on to get it the house.

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