Best Places to Get Hot Chocolate After Hitting the Sugar Mountain Slopes

Sugar Mountain has many activities right by the slopeside mountain cabin rentals. You can play some golf or tennis when the season is right or relax in a hot tub on colder days. Many travelers come for the ski slopes and other winter sports near Banner Elk, NC.

But what would make every one of these things better is a warm beverage to soothe tired muscles or just help you relax after a long day of fun in the snow.

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Sugar Mountain makes sure you have a few delightful and cozy options. Below are just a few of our favorite ways to warm up with a hot cup of cocoa, tea, or coffee.

Mountain Grounds Coffee and Tea Co

Mountain Grounds imbues every cup of hot chocolate or coffee they offer with community love. Every cup is served with local farmers in mind. The shop uses ethically-sourced, single-origin locally-roasted coffees. The hot cocoa is equally as heart-meltingly sustainable (and tasty).

Other non-coffee drinks include London Fog, Loose Lea Tea, Steamer, an Italian Soda, and Chai.

Fred & Larry’s Coffee

This 400-square foot shop is a little hole in the wall in the best possible way. It was founded by two coffee-loving brothers in 2012. Putting together high-quality local milks, flavored syrups, and one of the strongest local roasters, Conrad’s, this duo made their dream happen.

Fred and Larry’s is most notable for its coffee options. They are arguably some of the best in the state, with Appalachian coffee, coconut, and Sumatra selections available throughout the winter season.

All of the coffee here is available to order and have it shipped back home. If you fall in love with the coffee, as did we, you are more than happy to take a piece of Sugar Mountain’s best back home.

Painted Fish Cafe and Beer Bar

While you can definitely grab a cup of hot chocolate at Painted Fish Cafe and Beer Bar and warm up post-adventure, this darling café has a lot more going for it. Heated outdoor seating, gorgeous views, a full bar, and an eclectic assortment of local craft beers, the Painted Fish Cafe and Beer Bar is a treat following a long day of hitting the slopes. It’s one of the best places to eat near Sugar Mountain.

The Warmth of a Cabin Home

sugar mountain nc cabin rentals

Tired of the snowy whiplash? Want to indulge in some hot chocolate in the comfort of a warm place to call home?

Many stories and various holiday tales have begun in a warm cabin. You know the backdrop. A fire roars subtly in the background, giving a nice and tender glow to the room. Someone, of any discerning age, sits on a cozy couch, covered in a thick wool blanket, a loved one next to them or rocking back and forth in a creaky wooden chair nearby.

All around them is, of course, the soft brown hues of the cabin. To bring it all around, the warmth of the cabin contrasts elegantly with the small windows, lenses to the breezy, snowy, and mountainous outdoors.

What I painted above is a picture of possibly the perfect snowy vacation. After you hit the slopes, you can do more than relax- you can bask in the comfortable glow of our vacation rentals. The one item we missed in the picture we painted was a cup of hot chocolate. Everyone has them. It’s just that time of the year.

Come on down and spend a wintery getaway with us at one of our Sugar Mountain vacation rentals. Book today!  

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