Art on the Greene Event in Banner Elk, NC

The grasses are bold with dark green. The community is thriving with excitement, and there are outdoor things to do at every turn. It is summer on Sugar Mountain, and the Art on the Greene gathering represents the pinnacle of fun and community for the season. Come stay at one of our Sugar Mountain vacation rentals for the summer and experience the area’s most accomplished and unique art event for the season.

Ladies discussing art at the Art on the Greene Event in Banner Elk, NC

What is It?

Three times every summer, the mountains explode in glorious art for the lovely and revelatory Art on the Greene.

The event is a collective of expert artists, all working with local galleries to display their work in unison. You can wander downtown Banner Walk, exploring in and out of multiple galleries, to see the varied work on display.

“Varied” is an understatement. You can find everything from oil and acrylic paintings to large pieces made of recycled furniture, ceramic, and wood. Regional and national artists utilize all the tools at their disposal to show off some rather wild art. There’s always something new and exciting. These are one-of-a-kind pieces in a multitude of different media. Some are world-renowned glass-blowing experts while others dip into watercolor, wood-making, and metal crafting. Everything is hand-made. Due to the high number of local artisans, many of the items embody the spirit of the mountains, with sunset landscapes, local nature photographs, and other items from local wood and metal all common.

Best yet, many of the items are up for sale.

Where is It?

The bulk of the work is displayed in the town circle, located at 140 Azalea Circle, Banner Elk, NC 28604. When visiting, you can take the opportunity to explore downtown Banner Elk, seeing all the wonderful sights and sounds of this historic village.

When Does It Happen?

The event is always three different weekends in the summer. You can visit Banner Elk for the Art on the Greene on Memorial Day, Fourth of July & Labor Day weekends.

The 2019 dates are May 25-26, July 6-7 and Aug. 31-Sept. 1.

How Much Does it Cost?

The event is free to attend.

Wolly Worm Festival T-shirts in Banner Elk, NC

Are There Other Art Festivals?

The Art on the Greene is not the only art-oriented event on Sugar Mountain. Stay during July, the heart of summer, for the Fine Art & Master Crafts Festival. There are actually two festivals- one July 19th to July 21st, and another August 9th to the 11th. Both feature master local artisans in photography, pottery-crafting, painting, jewelry-making, sculpting, and more. The event is 185 Azalea Circle, Banner Elk, and it stands as the area’s premier fine arts gathering.

While not solely an art festival, the Woolly Worm Festival is a huge and charming gathering of music, games, and more. It truly is something special, as the event celebrates the dastardly and weather-predicting woolly worm. The 13 segmented colors of the titular worm will help dictate the weather of the upcoming 13 winter season weeks. The event is in October.

Also in October is another fanciful and seasonal art event, the Sugar Mountain Oktoberfest. Come for the festivities, music, community art, and plenty of German-inspired cultural heritage.

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Where To Stay

Sugar Mountain and Banner Elk are treasured vacation destinations for the summer season. There are many kid-friendly things to do, such as a visit by the old Sugar Creek Mining Company or a day trip over by Wildcat Lake. Our Sugar Mountain rental homes get you right in the heart of the amazing North Carolina mountains. Book your vacation experience today for your next holiday escape.

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