5 Best Kid-Friendly Summer Activities

While Sugar Mountain is known as a prime winter destination, there are still many activities for families all year long. Between many historical attractions, interesting natural sights which make for better visits during a sunny day, and some bold outdoor activities, you can find things to do outside of ski season.

We cover what we consider the top 5 best things to do for families on a summer escape to Sugar Mountain. When you stay at one of our Sugar Mountain vacation rentals, you can have a bit of fun with them all.

Unpolished gem from mining

Sugar Creek Mining Company

Sugar Mountain has an extensive mining history. For centuries, miners have discovered gems and secret coves filled with rarities. The Sugar Creek Mining Company collects this history into a rewarding museum experience. With a particular focus on gems, you can see how master artisans have crafted delicate and beautiful jewelry from gems discovered in and around the mountains.

Visitors can even go on a gem expedition. Bring a bucket and scan through the mines. There is a very reasonable chance you can come across a handful of gems on your own. This family-friendly adventure is great for enthusiastic kids who would lose it at the chance to find a gem in the mines.

Tweetsie Railroad in Blowing Rock, North Carolina.

Tweetsie Railroad

Rides. Live music. A Zoo.  What does Tweetsie Railroad not have?

This wild west-styled attraction embodies the old America spirit of North Carolina mountain history. Kids can have a blast booming away in the various attraction rides. Take a chair lift to Miner’s Mountain for panoramic views of the park and the area. Hop aboard a carousel, ferris wheel, or tilt-a-wirl for a dizzying and fun family experience. The rides are extremely welcoming to young ones as well as teens. There’s a mix of ride attractions, from the Planes and Autombiles spin to the epic g-forces of the Round-Up.

Aside from rides, you have many on-site restaurants, live entertainment in fun period attire, general stores decorated like the era, and different carnival games.  It is an awesome top summer attraction.

Wildcat Lake

While Tweetsie Railroad and the Sugar Creek Mining Company are fun and energetic local attractions, Wildcat Lake dials things back a notch or five. It is a rather straightforward and idyllic place for families to relax and explore. Come for the white sandy beaches, the fishing dock, and the swimming pier. The 13-acre lake is a top summer destination, and you are bound to find scattered groups of families soaking in the magic of the North Carolina mountains.

Hawksnest Zipline

Hawksnest Zipline is considered one of the nation’s longest ziplines, and it shows! There are ziplines appropriate for all ages, from an entry-level run for the youngest in your crew to extreme tours for enthusiastic teens and parents.

The Eagle Tour takes you along about three miles of cable with heights well over 200 feet. While children 8 and older can go, this is a thrilling a nd fast-paced experience through the trees. It is possibly the most popular summer attraction, and one any thrill seeker would love to test their courage on!

Beautiful sunset over Price Lake near Blowing Rock, North Carolina.

Price Lake Paddle Boarding

If the idea of ziplining 200 feet in the air is just a tad more than you signed up for, consider staying afloat with a paddle boarding trip on price Lake. This attraction at Blowing Rock, just south of Boone, is peaceful and approachable. Guests can come out for about $10 to $13 an hour to tour the nearly 47-acres of Price Lake’s pristine waters. Guests can also get a canoe or rowboat. Choose the vessel which suits your needs and strengths, and make sure the whole family is able to get out on the water and have a fun time.

After you finish a day of fun, make sure you settle back in at one of our Sugar Mountain cabin rentals. Have the full mountainside experience.

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